The post Christmas bulge – on the bookshelves!

I blogged here last month about my continued efforts to slim down, scale back and re-read our eight shelves of books. I did fear (or rather hope?) that I would be the recipient of a few new books over Christmas. Having quickly read my way through the new CJ Sansom and Sarah Waters hardbacks I’m now struggling to find a place to put them.


I have already asked myself the question: “Will I re-read this book?” I know the answer is “yes”. I have been quite strict in only asking for/acquiring hardback books if I am absolutely desperate to read them and both Waters and Sansom are among my most favourite current authors. For the past year I’ve wanted to pick up a book on the 1985 Live Aid concert by Dylan Jones but have only just bought it as it’s now in paperback. Similarly, I’ve held off on buying a couple of other books until they come into paperback. However as I am supposed to be on a minimalism/no new books diet I am wondering if the ยฃ20 Waterstones voucher in my purse should be used at all. If I’m trying to reduce the number of books in our house to only those of real value I should be very picky at what I buy next. Alternatively, I could buy the book, read it and then donate.

In the meantime I have cleared the shelves of another half a dozen books which I know I won’t read/re-read (one I stupidly picked up at a book event because it was free even though I knew I wouldn’t read it!).

While I’m reading new fiction the girls are ploughing their way through the second-hand books I bought for Christmas:


My middle daughter is intrigued by the mystery of the Marie Celeste and I was able to buy this book used from the States. My six year old, meanwhile, is really enjoying the Amelia Jane books.

In the meantime I will keep wondering what to do with that Waterstones voucher…..



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