Second-hand furniture -a trip to Waste Not Want Not

Today I paid a visit to a great organisation in Chippenham (Wilts) called Waste Not Want Not. The charity collects unwanted household furniture and appliances and then sells for a low price to customers on low incomes. They have a small team of (mostly) volunteers and are funded by grants, donations and sales.ย  However sales are declining as their clients are struggling to buy food, let alone furniture. It’s such a brilliant organisation and I hope it can continue.

I went to see the staff and volunteers as I am planning to run a Repair Cafe at the end of the month, inspired by mymakedoandmendyear blog and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. I needed an electrician and, fingers crossed, one of the volunteers from Waste Not Want Not is able to help. More details to follow…


One thought on “Second-hand furniture -a trip to Waste Not Want Not

  1. We had our second Repair Cafe in Warminster today Kathryn, and it was fab! Really busy, and lots of things saved from landfill ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck with yours, I look forwards to reading all about it!

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